“Comfort” (William Lu, USA 2016)


Pleasant movie, nice chemistry, good dialogues. The moralizing and feel-good ending is a pity.

Cast: Kevin Ashworth, Michael Boucher, Michael Bow
Director: William Lu
Writer: William Lu
Music: Scott Gilman
Cinematography: Aashish Gandhi
Editing: Brady Hallongren

4 thoughts on ““Comfort” (William Lu, USA 2016)

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thank you for liking some of my posts. I also appreciate the comments.
      What I read on your blog (the poems) ‘inspires’ me to ask you if you would be interested in putting words on a melody I wrote.
      You might find this a strange request, but I’m seriously looking for someone to write a text that would be adapted to the melody (supposedly sung).
      If you would like to know more about it, just let me know.
      You can also check me up at independent.academia.edu/ReneHirsch
      (in case you wonder if I’m not the one you wouldn’t want me to be :)).
      If you’re not interested, no hard feelings whatsoever.
      All the best,
      PS: I sent the same message at an yahoo.dk address, but it might be a wrong address.

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