“The Night Stalker” by Megan Griffiths (2016)

The Night Stalker

Cast: Bellamy Young, Lou Diamond Phillips, Chelle Sherrill, Benjamin Barrett, Andrew Ruiz
Director: Megan Griffiths
Writer: Megan Griffiths
Cinematographer: Quyen Tran
Composer: Matthew Emerson Brown, Jeremy Koepping


“The Pretty One” by Jenée LaMarque (2013)

The Pretty One

An intelligent take on ‘a young woman in search of her identity’ / enjoyable, witty, deep, sensitive… / First feature

Cast: Zoe Kazan, Jake M. Johnson, Ron Livingston, Danny Pudi, Sterling Beaumon, Jeremy Howard
Director: Jenée LaMarque
Writer: Jenée LaMarque
Director of Photography: Polly Morgan
Editor: Kiran Pallegadda

“The Feels” by Jenée LaMarque (2017)

The Feels

Another approach to ‘a young woman in search of her identity’ / Team work gives a very nice ‘feel’ to the movie

Cast: Constance Wu, Josh Fadem, Jenée LaMarque
Director: Jenée LaMarque
Writers: Jenée LaMarque, Lauren Parks
Music by Julian Wass
Cinematography by Kristin Fieldhouse
Film Editing by Steph Zenee Perez

“Where Do We Go Now?” by Nadine Labaki (Lebanon, 2011)

Non-U.S. female directors

Where Do We Go Now

In a war-torn country divided along religious lines, the Christian and Muslim women of a small Lebanese village work together to stop their men’s fighting.
Intelligence and humor, comedy and drama, clear message

Cast: Nadine Labaki, Leyla Hakim, Yvonne Maalouf, Antoinette Noufaily
Directed by Nadine Labaki
Written by Thomas Bidegain, Nadine Labaki
Music by Khaled Mouzanar
Cinematography by Christophe Offenstein
Film Editing by Véronique Lange

“Brief Encounters” by Kira Muratova (Russia, 1967)

Non-U.S. female directors

Brief Encounters

Muratova’s images have their own language, her dialogues are very poetic – although at times obscure – and the abrupt cuts do not hinder the continuity. Original and powerful!

Cast: Nina Ruslanova, Vladimir Vysotsky, Kira Muratova, Yelena Bazilskaya, Olga Vikland, Aleksei Glazyrin, Valeri Isakov
Director: Kira Muratova
Screenplay: Kira Muratova, Leonid Zhukhovitsky
Dir. of Photography: Gennadi Karyuk
Music: Oleg Karavaichuk, Vladimir Vysotsky
Editor: O. Kharakova

“Madame” by Amanda Sthers (France, 2017)

Non-U.S. female directors


Good script and personages, great acting, but fizzles out in the end

Cast: Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel, Rossy de Palma
Director: Amanda Sthers
Writers: Amanda Sthers (screenplay), Amanda Sthers (story) | 2 more credits »
Music by Matthieu Gonet
Cinematography by Régis Blondeau
Film Editing by Nicolas Chaudeurge

“Missing Woman” by Eon-hie Lee (S.Korea, 2016)

Non-U.S. female directors

Missing Woman

Surprising script, good suspense, a bit melodramatic

Cast: Ji-won Uhm, Hyo-Jin Kong, Joon Go
Director: Eon-hie Lee
Writers: Eun-mi Hong, Eon-hie Lee
Music Department: Ja wan Koo