“Breaking News” by Iulia Rugina (2017)

International update (9/19)

breaking newsGood personages, direction (8)

Heavy drama in a colorless world

Cast: Dorin Andone, Valeriu Andriuta, David Blaj
Director: Iulia Rugina
Writers: Ana Agopian, Oana Rasuceanu
Cinematography by Vivi Dragan Vasile
Film Editing by Catalin Cristutiu

“Girls of the Sun” by Eva Husson (2018)

Girls Of The Sun

An insider look at a group of Kurdish women fighting ISIS
The movie shows an unbalanced mixture of distant melodramas and an empowering urgency

Cast: Golshifteh Farahani, Emmanuelle Bercot, Zübeyde Bulut, Behi Djanati Atai
Director: Eva Husson
Writer: Eva Husson, Jacques Akchoti
Cinematographer: Mattias Troelstrup
Editor: Emilie Orsini
Composer: Morgan Kibby

“Lucky Them” by Megan Griffiths (USA, 2013)

Lucky Them

Good dialogues and humor, with a movie within the movie

Cast: Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, Oliver Platt, Ryan Eggold, Ahna O’Reilly, Amy Seimetz, Joanne Woodward, Lynn Shelton, Johnny Depp
Director: Megan Griffiths
Screenplay: Huck Botko, Emily Wachtel
Music by Craig Wedren
Cinematography by Ben Kutchins
Film Editing by Meg Reticker

“Things Behind The Sun” by Allison Anders (USA, 2001)

Things behind the sun

A woman who has been gang-raped when she was young comes to term with her past when she hears what really happened from the one who was her boyfriend at the time. A hard film to watch!
Just like in her preceding movie, music is used to help defining the personage and carrying the emotional content.

Cast: Kim Dickens, Gabriel Mann, Aria Alpert Adjani
Director: Allison Anders
Writers: Allison Anders, Kurt Voss
Music by Sonic Youth
Cinematography by Terry Stacey
Film Editing by Chris Figler