“Flocking” by Beata Gardeler (Sweden, 2015)


A whole community turns against a 14 year-old girl who accuses a boy of raping her.
Powerful, almost unbearable

Actors:  Fatime Azemi, John Risto, Eva Melander
Director: Beata Gårdeler
Writers: Emma Broström (screenplay), Geir Hansteen Jorgensen (dramaturge)
Music by Lisa Holmqvist
Cinematography by Gösta Reiland
Film Editing by Linda Jildmalm


“The Innocents” by Anne Fontaine (France, 2016) second viewing

The Innocents2

See also the first viewing

Cast: Lou de Laâge, Agata Buzek, Agata Kulesza, Vincent Macaigne
Director: Anne Fontaine
Writer (based on an original concept by) Philippe Maynial
Writer (adaptation): Pascal Bonitzer, Anne Fontaine
Writer (dialogue): Pascal Bonitzer, Anne Fontaine
Writer: Alice Vial, Sabrina B. Karine
Cinematographer: Caroline Champetier
Editor: Annette Dutertre
Composer: Grégoire Hetzel

“The Paradise Suite” (Joost van Winkel, Netherlands 2015)

The Paradise Suite

Intense and raw
The fact that one group of personages is not thematically connected to the others somewhat weakens the script and its message.

Actors: Anjela Nedyalkova, Boris Isakovic, Erik Adelöw
Director: Joost van Ginkel
Writer: Joost van Ginkel
Music: Alexander Doychev, Bram Meindersma
Cinematography: Andréas Lennartsson
Editing: Teun Rietveld, Bob Soetekouw, Joost van Ginkel, Wouter van Luijn

“The Beautiful Risk” (Mark Penney, Canada 2013)

The Beautiful Risk

Dying to love, loving to death
Interesting use of landscapes; different sorts of music are superimposed; the screen stays black for quite a while; dialogues are sometimes ‘de-synchronized’

Director: Mark Penney
Writer: Mark Penney
Actors: Shaun Benson, Eliane Gagnon, Michel Perron
Cinematography: Robert Smith
Editing: Mark Penney

“Hounddog” (Deborah Kampmeier, USA 2007)


“Rape and repressions are the two sides of the same coin. When you rape a girl, the problem is not that you’re taking away her purity, which gets everyone all up in arms. It’s that you’re taking away her wholeness. Trying to keep her pure, repressing her sexuality also takes her wholeness. I don’t want my daughter to grow up pure. I want her to grow whole.”  says Anja in Split.
The idea of sexual violence taking a woman’s or a girl’s wholeness is the leading theme in Deborah Kampmeier’s three movies (Split, Virgin, and Hounddog).

Cast: Dakota Fanning, David Morse, Piper Laurie, Afemo Omilami, Robin Wright Penn, Cody Hanford, Jill Scott
Written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier
Music: Gisburg
Cinematography: Jim Denault
Photography: Edward Lachman
Editing: Sabine Hoffman


“Virgin” (Deborah Kampmeier, USA 2003)


A few aspects that are common to Split and to Virgin: The female lead is a ‘good’ person but some things she does puts her on the margin of society / She loves but is not loved back / A man destroys her life.
Unbearable music

Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Robin Wright Penn, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Charles Socarides, Socorro Santiago, Peter Garety, Stephanie Gatchet
Written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier
Cinematography: Benjamin Wolf
Editing: Jane Pia Abramowitz