“The Breaker Upperers” by Madeleine Sami & Jackie van Beek (2018)

Week of the Weak

First Feature

The Breaker UpperersWeak direction (4)

A few good moments… too few / sharp dialogues

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 7,1
Metascore 7,6
Roger Ebert 7,5
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 6,4
IMDB 5,9
Average critics 7,4
Average public 6,2

Cast: Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek, James Rolleston, Celia Pacquola
Director: Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek
Cinematographer: Ginny Loane
Editor: Tom Eagles

“Last Ferry” by Jaki Bradley (2019)

Week of First Features

Last Ferry

Good script, personages, dialogues, direction, images and content (8)

Elliptic but well constructed story, emotionally interesting; good dialogues

Rotten Tomatoes Critics —
Metascore —
Roger Ebert —
Rotten Tomatoes Audience —
IMDB 7,1

Cast: Ramon O. Torres, Myles Clohessy, Gabriel Sloyer
Director: Jaki Bradley
Writer: Ramon O. Torres
Music by Jim Brunberg, Benjamin Landsverk
Cinematography by Alexa Wolf
Film Editing by Ramon O. Torres, Nadia Zoe

“Priest” by Antonia Bird (1994)

Movies of the ’90s

First Feature

PriestGood personages, direction, images (8)
Excellent script, dialogues, content (9)

A complex story with many intertwined facets: a priest who condemns a father committing incest but who himself commits the abomination of homosexual relationships / a priest who cannot say what he hears during confession, even though it would stop someone’s sufferings / the church as an ideologically corrupt institution / the meaning of celibacy, of pardon…

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 7,2
Metascore —
Roger Ebert 2,5
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 8,2
IMDB 7,0
Average critics 4,9
Average public 7,6

Cast: Linus Roache, Tom Wilkinson, Cathy Tyson
Directed by Antonia Bird
Written by Jimmy McGovern
Music by Andy Roberts
Cinematography by Fred Tammes
Film Editing by Susan Spivey

“An Inspector Calls” by Aisling Walsh (2015)

A British week: Aisling Walsh (2/3)

An Inspector Calls

Good humor and images (8)
Excellent personages and direction (9)
Top script + content (10)

An excellent adaptation of J.B. Priestley’s classic play about class, responsability, guilt, honesty, and…
A world that will need a most terrible war to (almost) disappear

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 8,0
Metascore —
Roger Ebert —
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 8,2
IMDB 7,7
Average critics 8,0
Average public 8,0

Cast: Sophie Rundle, Lucy Chappell, Miranda Richardson
Director: Aisling Walsh
Writers: J.B. Priestley (based on the play by), Helen Edmundson (adapted by)
Music by Dominik Scherrer
Cinematography by Martin Fuhrer
Film Editing by Alex Mackie

“Burn Burn Burn” by Chanya Button (2015)

A British week: Chanya Button (1/2)

First Feature

Burn Burn Burn

Good humor and direction (8)

Original, surprising and fun first feature
Pity the end doesn’t match the raw savagery of the first hour

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 6,2
Metascore —
Roger Ebert —
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 7,6
IMDB 7,0
Average critics 6,2
Average public 7,3

Cast: Laura Carmichael, Chloe Pirrie, Julian Rhind-Tutt
Director: Chanya Button
Writer: Charlie Covell
Music by Marc Canham, Candy Says
Cinematography by Carlos De Carvalho
Film Editing by Mark Trend

“The Taste Of Others” (Le Goût des Autres) by Agnes Jaoui (2000)

The films of Agnès Jaoui (1/4)

First Feature

The Taste Of OthersGood personages, content (8)
Excellent script, direction (9)

A good comedy about how we all are victims and sources of prejudice
Another underlying aspect shows the complex relationship artists have with success, which sharply contrasts with how an industrial relates to it.
“One of the delights of “The Taste of Others” is that it is so smart and wears its intelligence lightly.” [Roger Ebert]

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 7,9
Metascore 7,8
Roger Ebert 7,5
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 7,8
IMDB 7,2
Average critics 7,7
Average public 7,5

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Anne Alvaro, Christiane Millet, Agnes Jaoui, Gerard Lanvin
Directed by Agnes Jaoui
Written by Agnes Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri
Music by Jean-Charles Jarrel
Cinematography by Laurent Dailland
Film Editing by Hervé de Luze

“Artemisia” by Agnes Merlet (1997)

Agnes Merlet (2/4)


At times amateurish

Cast: Valentina Cervi, Michel Serrault, Miki Manojlovic, Luca Zingaretti, Emmannuelle Devos
Written and Directed by Agnes Merlet
Music by Krishna Levy
Cinematography by Benoît Delhomme
Film Editing by Guy Lecorne, Daniele Sordoni