This blog gives me the occasion to be more specific about why I like a film and why my personal count differs from the bulk score found on IMDB.

A first step was to determine what was important in my eyes. I came up with three basic scores: one for the story, one for the form given to the story and one that determines whether a movie respects a balanced distribution in the quality of its gender roles (all movies having a gender distribution) and an equitable distribution regarding minorities. I call this third score my influencing “factors.”

Wanting to give more weight to the story, I decided to count it twice. The total score is thus made of

[2x story + 1x form + 1x factors]/4.

Let me further add a few remarks:

  • a 6 for montage or personages means that this aspect is treated ‘normally’ in the movie (nothing extraordinary, nothing dreadful).
  • The word ‘minorities’ is taken here in a very broad sense: colored people, ethnic minorities (the Jews in Judgment at Nuremberg), socially excluded people, etc…

Feel free to comment or to add your own “elaborated” score.