This blog is dedicated to female movie directors.

The three main categories – story, realization, content – have the following sub-categories:

  • Story: script, personages, dialogues, humor
  • Realization: direction, images, music
  • Content: gender, minorities, message

Futhermore, each poster allows to compare my rating with those of popular sites such as IMDB, Metascore, Rotten Tomatoes (critics and public), and Roger Ebert.

A few remarks:

  • a ‘6’ means that this aspect has been treated ‘normally’ treated; a ‘5’ for humor for example means that there was room for humor but that it hasn’t been used, etc.
  • The word gender chiefly refers to male/female roles
  • The word ‘minorities’ is taken here in a very broad sense: colored people, ethnic minorities, classes, LGTBQ, the socially excluded, etc… –
  • I take the context of the movie into account (you can’t put a ‘2’ for humor if you’re dealing with a thick drama…)

We must see a movie for what it is,
not for what we think another film might have been.
” [Roger Ebert]