About this blog

Welcome to renhir (visual) movie rating!

Two ‘preferences’ I have to confess:

  • I have a clear bias for female directors
  • I don’t like to watch bad movies! That explains why most movies on this blog carry a score of ‘7’ or higher

This blog is dedicated

  • to those who think a picture is worth a 1000+ words
  • to those who want to have their cake and eat mine
  • to those who don’t like bad movies and want someone to chew their cake for them
  • and of course, to those who are like you

A few remarks:

  • a ‘6’ means that this aspect has been treated ‘normally’ treated; a ‘5’ for humor for example means that there was room for humor but that it hasn’t been used, etc.
  • The word gender chiefly refers to male/female roles
  • The word ‘minorities’ is taken here in a very sense: colored people, ethnic minorities (the Jews in Judgment at Nuremberg), classes, LGTBQ, the socially excluded, etc… – Nevertheless, it always takes the context of the movie into account

Finally, I would like to quote here Roger Egbert in his review for Country Strong: “We must see a movie for what it is, not for what we think another film might have been.” [https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/country-strong-2010]