“A United Kingdom” by Amma Asante (UK, 2016)

A United Kingdom by Amma Asante (2016)

Very similar in its content to Belle (2013), bringing in a dramatic and intelligent way the web of social constraints that ensue from racial segregation (horizontal) and hierarchical stratification and dominance (vertical inequalities). Furthermore, in both movies, love and politics are cleverly intertwined. And to make matters still more enjoyable, their main female characters are and remain intelligent and substantial throughout the movie.

Cast: David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Vusi Kunene, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Jack Davenport Director: Amma Asante
Writer: Guy Hibbert
Cinematographer: Sam McCurdy
Editor: Jonathan Amos, Jon Gregory
Composer: Patrick Doyle


“The Selfish Giant” by Clio Barnard (UK, 2013)

The Selfish Giant


Cast: Conner Chapman, Shaun Thomas, Sean Gilder, Lorraine Ashbourne, Ian Burfield
Director: Clio Barnard
Writer: Clio Barnard, inspired by ‘The Selfish Giant’ by Oscar Wilde
Music by Harry Escott
Cinematography by Mike Eley
Film Editing by Nick Fenton

“Suffragette” (Sarah Gavron, UK 2015)



Cast: Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham-Carter, Anne-Marie Duff, Romola Garai, Ben Whishaw, Adam Michael Dodd, Brendan Gleeson, Samuel West, Geoff Bell, Meryl Streep
Director: Sarah Gavron
Writer: Abi Morgan
Director of Photography: Eduard Grau
Original Music Composer: Alexandre Desplat
Editor: Barney Pilling

“Get Carter” (Mike Hodges, UK 1971)

Get Carter

Excellent direction, good dialogues, images and humor

Cast: Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, Britt Eklund, John Osborne, Tony Beckley, George Sewell
Directed: Mike Hodges
From a screenplay by Mike Hodges
Photographed: Wolfgang Suschitzky
Music: Roy Budd

“Our Man In Havana” (Carol Reed, UK 1959)

Our Man In Havana

Good direction and images, but a bit outdated

Cast: Alec Guinness, Maureen O’Hara, Burl Ives
Director: Carol Reed
Writer: Graham Greene (novel)
Music: Frank Deniz, Laurence Deniz
Cinematography: Oswald Morris
Editing: Bert Bates