A Quiet Passion (Terence Davies, USA 2016)

A Quiet Passion

The periods succeed each other without indication of a transition in time. The pace in the end becomes ever so slow and the rich but affected dialogues sound unnatural. However, the extraordinary poems of Emily Dickinson enlighten the movie.

Cast: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Duncan Duff, Keith Carradine, Jodhi May
Director: Terence Davies
Writer: Terence Davies
Cinematographer: Florian Hoffmeister
Editor: Pia Di Ciaula

The Adopted/Les Adoptés (Mélanie Laurent, France 2011)

The Adopted

This movie has a somewhat complex structure that lacks transparency.

Cast: Marie Denarnaud, Denis Ménochet, Clémentine Célarié
Director: Mélanie Laurent
Writers: Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Perez
Music: Jonathan Morali
Cinematography: Arnaud Potier
Editing: Guerric Catala

The 33 (Patricia Riggen, Chile 2015)

The 33

Strong images, weak personages

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Mario Casas, Adriana Barraza, Kate del Castillo, Cote de Pablo, Bob Gunton Director: Patricia Riggen
Screenplay: José Rivera, Mikko Alanne
Composer: James Horner
Editor: Michael Tronick
Cinematographer: Checco Varese

The Accountant (Gavin O’Connor, USA 2016)


strongest: minorities (autistic hero + colored woman as investigator)
weakest: script + message

Cast: Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Robert C. Treveiler, John Lithgow, Anna Kendrick, Jeffrey Tambor, Jon Bernthal
Director: Gavin O’Connor
Writer: Bill Dubuque
Cinematographer: Seamus McGarvey
Editor: Richard Pearson
Composer: Mark Isham